Galaxy Fight Club Marketplace


Creating an alternative to Opensea with less fees for GFC related assets.
Having additional use cases for the native currency of the GFC economy (GCOIN).
Make aquiring of GFC assets easier with in game earnable currency.
Reinvest possible fees partially back into the GFC economy.

Disclaimer: This Marketplace will not be affiliated with Galaxy Fight Club or endorsed by them.


Development will go trough different phases, currently I am developing a MVP (minimum valuable product) which will focus on the main aspects buying, selling and filtering assets.

In order to provide a safe MVP in relatively short time I am using the 0x Protocol and their NFT Swap SDK which uses this protocol. Most recently they also announced partnering with Coinbase.

This is important because I am only providing an Interface to their smart contracts and their public hosted orderbook, which are audited and peer reviewed.
Any other data will be aggregated by my own NFT Api which I started developing some weeks ago.

Resources for 0x Protocol & NFT Swap SDK:
0x NFT Docu:
NFT Swap SDK Docu:
0x Contracts:

This MVP will then be released to a small group of alpha testers (mostly doctores) before it is open to the public.

1. MVP
2. Alpha Testing
2.1. Bug fixing
3. MVP opens to public and anyone can trade
3.1. Bug fixing
4. Feature Development, either based on Tipping Milestones or Marketplace Volume (vote here)

Feature Focus

The MVP will be the most basic marketplace in order to deliver it fast.
Thus the focus in the beginning will be to upgrade the User Interface and the User Experience.

After this, or depending on volume/tipping in parallel, additional features like private sales, offers etc. will be implemented. Also I plan to bring back private sales without any fees (personally I miss these the most on Opensea).

Feel free to provide any additional ideas or desired features here:


Please remember these are screenshots from an early prototype and likely subject to change til the MVP.

Royalties / Fees

As previously mentioned, the marketplace and its feature development after the MVP will rely on fees or tipping from its users.

Currently I am planning, depending on the result of the Voting form, the following:

Option A “Payment with GCOIN royalty free, Payment with ETH would have royalties, Feature Milestones via Tipping in ETH/GCOIN”

Which would mean: GCOIN 0% fee, ETH 5,0% fee, feature development likely to start after 10 – 20 ETH generated by fees/tippings.

Option B “Payment with GCOIN with small royalty fee, Payment in ETH with royalty fee, Feature Milestones via Marketplace Volume”

Which would mean: GCOIN 2,5% fee, ETH 5,0% fee, feature development likely to start after 100 – 200 ETH volume.

Any usage of fees to buy GCOIN, burn GCOIN eventually, or buy GFC assets and raffling them to the marketplace users or providing playable accounts for marketplace users are just ideas at this point and will be decided at a later point.

This can change based on your feedback, but please remember I am building the MVP alone and will need help to further develop it.


Voting Form / Providing Ideas or Features

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