How to: Galaxy Fight Club (F2P) on PC

How to: Galaxy Fight Club (F2P) on PC

In this article I’m gonna explain how you can enjoy the F2P part of Galaxy Fight Club, a brawlstars like game, on PC. For this we will use Bluestacks 5 (android emulator), a google account, a GFC account, and a Metamask Wallet (useful for upcoming P2E features).

1. Bluestacks 5

First we need to install Bluestacks 5, for this please refer to the installation guide.

After we have installed Bluestacks 5 and restarted our computer, we will start Bluestacks 5 and our screen should look like this:

2. Play Store

Now we need click on the “Play Store” in order to download the Galaxy Fight Club game. On a fresh installation you should see a screen like this:

In order to download the game we will need to click “Sign in”, for this example we gonna create a fresh account, but if you have an existing google account you can use it and skip the next parts and continue with step 3.

For the add phone number part, you can scroll to the bottom and click “Skip”

For the next step just choose “Express personalization”, and scroll down on the two next screens and click “Confirm” and “I agree”.

On the next screen, disable “Backup to google drive” and click “Accept”

Now you will be presented with the Play Store like some of you know it already.

3. Install Galaxy Fight Club

Type in “Search for apps & games”: Galaxy Fight Club and press enter, now you should see the following screen.

Click install and go back to your home screen.

Click “Skip”

Go back to your home screen

4. Register F2P account

Switch to your favourite browser and go to

Click Login with Wallet and connect with a wallet of your choice, but it needs to be connected to the Polygon Mainnet.
In case you are using Metamask but don’t have the Polygon Mainnet go to search for Polygon and follow the site instructions after clicking “Connect Wallet”, after this your wallet will be connected to the Polygon Mainnet and return to the Login Page.

Now you should the the following screen, click “verify your email account”, this account is used to login into the game.

Now you will need to verify your email!

5. Starting the game

Go back to Bluestacks 5 and click on the Galaxy Fight Club App on your home screen

Click on “Login” and use your previously created account to login into the game.

After logging in for the first time, you can choose your username you can change anytime. After clicking “Save” you will have to agree to their Terms of Service.

Now your F2P account is created and you can start exploring the game!

For more information please visit the official website or join the discord, or read their devblog about upcoming P2E features and when you can expect them.
Also watch their awesome trailer if you haven’t already!

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