Author: Tony Stark

  • Ultimate Guide – Galaxy Fight Club

    What is Galaxy Fight Club? (GFC) Galaxy Fight Club is first and foremost a MOBA with Cross IP, NFTs and Play & Earn in mind. The current game itself is comparable to Brawlstars. Its Play & Earn concept is different than most, as it intends to not extract value to players but rather give players […]

  • How to: Galaxy Fight Club (F2P) on PC

    How to: Galaxy Fight Club (F2P) on PC

    In this article I’m gonna explain how you can enjoy the F2P part of Galaxy Fight Club, a brawlstars like game, on PC. For this we will use Bluestacks 5 (android emulator), a google account, a GFC account, and a Metamask Wallet (useful for upcoming P2E features). 1. Bluestacks 5 First we need to install […]

  • Galaxy Fight Club Marketplace

    Article about a marketplace for GFC assets build by a community member.

  • Twitch Mobile Streaming (Android 12)

    Twitch Mobile Streaming (Android 12)

    Tutorial for streaming Galaxy Fight Club on Android 12, only with the Twitch App installed!